Brief History

The AICT Diocese of Shinyanga was inaugurated in October 1993 under the leadership of Bishop John Kanoni Nkola. By then there were only 47 pastorates and 215 local churches in the entire Diocese.

The Diocese was operating in four Regions namely Shinyanga, Tabora, Rukwa, and Kigoma. The Diocese has worked hard on evangelism to an extent that it managed to open many new pastorates and local churches; in the year 2006 the Diocese managed to open a new Diocese that has twenty pastorates with 4,000 church members. Currently Diocese of Shinyanga has 86 pastorates under which there are 430 local churches with approximately 20,000 church members.

AICT is a faith based organization, which, along with the enthusiasm of propagating the gospel of Christ, also it focuses on providing physical and social services to surrounding communities without any segregation. However in the year 2001 the diocese developed its vision and mission as stated here below:

A Diocese whereby every person live in fullness of life, serving one another in love and care as well as praising God for His goodness

The Diocese tackles on building the capacity of her congregations and the community around to bring about holistic transformation to a people that enable them to live jubilant today and in the future to come

  • Improved life of all church workers, increased church planting/growth to church members.
  • Mobilizing communities and church to full engage in primary secondary education as a means of reducing poverty.
  • Building capacity of Christian children to understand God’s word and be able to live a sound Christian life
  • Build the capacity of youth and women to fight against poverty by developing income generating projects..
  • Improving food security and water.
  • Improving church buildings for conducive church services.
  • Building the capacity of church & community to respond and mitigate on disaster issues
  • Build the capacity of the local church to mobilize her immediate community.
  • Facilitating poor communities to access health services, minimizing HIV infections as well as supporting the orphans/widows from HIV/AIDS with basic needs and raising funds from local and external sources.

1. Development leads by Mr Phinehas Chibago

2. Christian Education leads by Rev. Joshua Masaga

3. Finance leads by Mr Musa Mayaya

4. Youth leads by Mr Benjamini Batano

5. Women leads by Mrs Rahel Dotto Nkulukulu

1. Bread for the world

2. Compassion 

3. Community Bible Studies (CBS) International

From young moms and housewives. From business people, professionals, tradespeople to students, or retired. We are just like you and your neighbors. family bible study.We come from all of the Christian denominations, from no religious background, or from non-Christian faiths that simply want to study the Bible, which is the most widely published and studied book in the world

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    Old Shinyanga Road
    P.O. Box 53 Shinyanga, Tanzania .


    +255- 754 462221