TABORA Diocese

Brief History

Africa Inland Church Diocese of Tabora is a Faith Based Organization (FBO) which was officially inaugurated to be a Diocese on 8th October, 2006. It is among of Six diocese of the AFRICA INLAND CHURCH TANZANIA Denomination that legally is registered under Act CAP. 337 (R.E 2002) of Tanzania in 2010 with registration number S.A.6242,  the core vision of the Tabora Diocese is to proclaim GOOD NEWS OF GOD and at the same time meeting socio-economic needs of the societies around it. 

A Diocese whereby every person live in fullness of life, serving one another in love and care as well as praising God for His goodness

The Diocese tackles on building the capacity of her congregations and the community around to bring about holistic transformation to a people that enable them to live jubilant today and in the future to come

  • To evangelize or to reach the unreached people and plant churches “Kuhubiri Injili au kuwafikia watu wasiofikiwa bado, na kupanda Makanisa”
  •      Strengthening Churches “Kuimarisha Makanisa”
  •      To bring health education, health care and social services to the community

“Kuleta ama kuboresha huduma za jamii: Elimu, huduma za afya, n.k.”

  •       To ensure children and youth are being educated

“Kuhakiki watoto na vijana wamepata elimu”

  •      To help our community to improve their economic status

“Kuiwezesha jamii yetu kujikwamua ki-uchumi”

    • 1. Evangelism
    • 2. Youth
    • 3. Health
    • 4. Social Services
    • 5. Projects
    • 6. Finance
    • 7. Human Resource
    • 8. Christian Education
    • 9. Education
    • 10. Women
Africa Inland Mission Canada

Africa Inland Mission is an evangelical Christian mission agency serving in over 20 African nations and reaching out to africans living in other countries.With a priority on unreached people groups, our passion is to see christ-centered churches established and thriving among all of Africa's peoples, and we're excited to offer Full term and short term ministry assignments for believers seeking to be a part of God's redemptive work through missions.

Africa Inland Mission USA

African inland Mission is an evangelical christian mission agency serving in over 20 African nations.Our passion is to see Christ-Centered churches established and thriving among all of Africa's peoples, and we're excited to offer Full Term and Short Term ministry assignments for believers seeking to be a part of God's redemptive work through missions

Community Bible Studies (CBS) International

From young moms and housewives. From business people, professionals, tradespeople to students, or retired. We are just like you and your neighbors. family bible study.We come from all of the Christian denominations, from no religious background, or from non-Christian faiths that simply want to study the Bible, which is the most widely published and studied book in the world


Pact's work in tanzania focuses on improving the lives of orphans and vulnerable children.With our unique integrated approach, our efforts are also strengthening families and local economies, institutions and organisations- impacts that will benefit Tanzania for generations to come


Avant is passionate about planting church among the unreached.We are also committed to training up national leaders to faithfully lead those churches.By the grace of God, three churches have been started and are being led by national believers. Rejoice with us that the truth of the gospel is changing lives !


Compassion International is child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty.The ministry releases children from spiritual, economic , social, and physical poverty.The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult

Image Name Gender Position Phone Email
Joshua Lusato Jacob Male Bishop
Marko Masunga Ngalu Male Rev. Assistant of Bishop: +255 623 995228, +255 785 855337
Rev. Nyuma Kiyumbi Male Secretary:
Irene Dickson Kilonzo Female Accountant +255 746 448 323, +255 689 727 603
Neema Simon Mbilizi Female Bishop’s personal secretary +255 685 225 022, +255 762 872 742
Musa John Malifedha Male Project Manager +255 784 989 422, +255 625 948 601
Naomi Lwenge Female Compassion Director +255 758 134 074
Wales Joel Baruti Male M&E officer: +255 756 415 626
Deus Origene Shumbi Male Economic Strengthening Livelihood Officer (ESLO) +255 786 669 086, +255 764 572 022
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DIOCESE OF TABORA                                                                            Bishop +255 754 462 221                                         

 P.O. BOX  1286                                                                                      General Secretary +255 784 219 232

TABORA, Tanzania                                                                                                   Office Tel.       +255 732 988 862

Location: Tabora Municipality, Kitete road, Community Street                               Email-