KATI Diocese

Brief History

A Diocese whereby every person live in fullness of life, serving one another in love and care as well as praising God for His goodness

The Diocese tackles on building the capacity of her congregations and the community around to bring about holistic transformation to a people that enable them to live jubilant today and in the future to com

The dioceses focus on the following thematic areas or objectives;-

• Pastoral and mission development in which expansion of the church through evangelism, discipleship and church planting is executed
• Improvement of education from nursery, primary, secondary education and higher level
• Integrated Community Development that tackles on capacity building, physical development, environment, water and sanitation, and relief services to disaster affected communities
• Women and development that focus on both spiritual and physical development
• Health services especially on primary health care, treatment provision, as well as care and prevention to HIV/AIDS victims
• Youth and Development in which the focus is on spiritual nurturing, economic empowerment and prevention from transmitted deceases including HIV/AIDS
• Christian education provision through Bible school training, Sunday schools, children camps, and Bible knowledge provision to primary and secondary schools
• Leadership and Financial Management

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